Pixel Corps

For the past five or six years I've been a member Pixel Corps, an international guild of digital artists, video professionals, and production specialists. I've worked on Pixel Corps commercial productions occasionally over that time in varying capacities, and in 2011 I came on as a full time employee. Today we do everything from podcasting, to live web streaming, to full production for web television series.

Our latest endeavor is producing a show for Felicia Day's Geek and Sundry network on YouTube ( If you're a fan of The Guild then you might like the other geek-themed shows premiering on Geek and Sundry each week. We produce Sword & Laser, a sci-fi/fantasy online book club hosted by Tom Merritt and Veronica Belmont. Sword & Laser has been a popular audio podcast for four years and this spring we came together to produce a full video version for the Geek and Sundry network. There a book discussions, author interviews as well as nothing less than the advancement of geek culture - all in a medieval castle in space (you'll have to watch to know what that's about…) The show is off to a great start and if you have a moment, come check it out.


2011 Telly Awards

2011 Telly AwardDuring 2010 I worked with a small team of talented digital and production artists producing a variety of promos, short films, interviews, multi-camera live events, commercials, concerts, and ad campaigns. We worked well together, had fun, and even when straining against a tight timeline, pulled off some real successes. Everyone in our group is a multi-talented, skilled artisan; from conception and writing of short films and promos, to picking up the camera for a shoot, to working on motion graphics and visual effects, to producing a live, streamed event.

I've just learned that two of our promotional films were selected by the Telly Awards for recognition in three categories for the 2011 awards. I am fortunate to have worked with these guys and am proud to share this achievement with them.


2011 Reel

I have posted my reel for Spring 2011. This reel focuses on the diversity of projects I've been involved with for the last few years. It's embedded in the Motion section - feel free to take a look and let me know what you think.


A Thought on Photo Challenges

Another Blue WorldOccasionally I submit my work to miscellaneous photo challenges and competitions. Mostly it's a way of getting feedback from a greater photography community than the ones I can access in the first person and it's almost always rewarding to hear new perspectives. A few weeks ago I submitted an old work Another Blue World to one of the photo challenges hosted by Digital Photography Review. The challenge theme was the color blue and my photo was voted into the number six spot out of 200 entries. It's always nice to get recognition (even sixth place ;) ) especially when it's an older, somewhat forgotten piece, and I'm reminded that sometimes it's these little things that can breathe a little bit of fresh air back into your photography and re-energize you.


Aperture File Reconnection Trick

Recently I had to reformat my Drobo, which is where I keep the Master Files of my main photo library. After moving everything off the Drobo to other drives, reformatting the Drobo volume, and moving everything back to it, I ran into a problem with one of my recent Aperture projects: it would not recognize the new location of the Master Files. All the images for that project (about 1,200 images) were flagged as offline. All the other images in other projects reconnected without a problem, but this one specific project would not reconnect to the master images.

I tried using the Locate Referenced Files (File>Locate Referenced Files…) command and that's when the real trouble started. I navigated to the location of the master files on my newly formatted Drobo, but despite recognizing the image, the Reconnect and Reconnect All buttons remained greyed out and unavailable.

After a fair bit of research and investigation into this issue, I discovered that you can essentially force the Reconnect function by holding down the Option + Command keys while you are in the Locate Referenced Files window. This will make the two reconnect buttons active and allow you to reconnect to your master file, wherever it exists.

After finishing the master file reconnections, I still can't say for sure what caused it. I suspect the Drobo volume, newly formatted but with the same name, may have caused some some issues, but this is where I sidle up to the border of my knowledge of drive structure and OS file naming systems. Either way, it's a handy trick when dealing with multiple drives and volumes.


The obvious reaction to Tumblr's extended downtime is…


Monochromatika's iPhone Photo Blog…to open a Tumblr account.

I may not be the first person to open a Tumblr account after their downtime last week, but I'm sure I was in the first wave. With three billion page views per month, some downtime is no surprise really, but why start a blog now? And why Tumblr?

Well, I've been so obsessed with Instagram lately that I needed an outlet. I didn't want to flood this site with a feed of iPhone shots, so I had to outsource to a blog. Despite the infamous outage last week, I like Tumblr's interface and network and, of course, there is Tumblr access integrated into Instagram.

The Tumblr blog is going to be dedicated to iPhone shots. Not necessarily all Instagram shots, but definitely fast, mobile, candid photography. Post-processing will be done in-phone, so everything should have a more raw, rough feel rather than a fully polished SLR shot. So come check it out, I think it will be a lot of fun and I'd love to connect with other users and blogs. You can find it at:

and you can find me on Instagram under Monochromatika, or search for my email: monochromatika at