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The obvious reaction to Tumblr's extended downtime is…


Monochromatika's iPhone Photo Blog…to open a Tumblr account.

I may not be the first person to open a Tumblr account after their downtime last week, but I'm sure I was in the first wave. With three billion page views per month, some downtime is no surprise really, but why start a blog now? And why Tumblr?

Well, I've been so obsessed with Instagram lately that I needed an outlet. I didn't want to flood this site with a feed of iPhone shots, so I had to outsource to a blog. Despite the infamous outage last week, I like Tumblr's interface and network and, of course, there is Tumblr access integrated into Instagram.

The Tumblr blog is going to be dedicated to iPhone shots. Not necessarily all Instagram shots, but definitely fast, mobile, candid photography. Post-processing will be done in-phone, so everything should have a more raw, rough feel rather than a fully polished SLR shot. So come check it out, I think it will be a lot of fun and I'd love to connect with other users and blogs. You can find it at:

and you can find me on Instagram under Monochromatika, or search for my email: monochromatika at